Le Mali évalue sa législation nationale de lutte contre la corruption


Corruption in its various forms is a strong impediment to a country's development. In order to fight efficiently and effectively against it, the United Nations put in place a Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), of which UNODC is the official guardian. This Convention encourages signatory States to proceed with a self-assessment in order to determine if their laws are in line with the Convention's principles. While Mali ratified the Convention against Corruption on 18 April 2008, its self-assessment, delayed by armed conflicts, took place between 28-31 July 2015 during a workshop financially supported by UNODC.

On 28 July 2015, 60 participants were present for the opening session of the workshop. Among them were the Minister of Labour, Ms Diarra Raky Talla, and the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Mr Mahamadou Diarra. Mr Diarra underlined in his speech the importance of the self-assessment workshop for Mali. He also highlighted the important responsibility of each participant and their contribution in regard to the smooth functioning of the workshop. Several Malian public institutions were represented: the Ministries of Justice and Finance, as well as the Supreme Court, Court of Auditors, and the Office of the Auditor General. Journalists and NGO representatives also contributed to the workshop.

Experts de l'ONUDC et participants à l'atelier
Experts de l'ONUDC et participants à l'atelier

A l'issu de l'atelier, et grâce à l'appui de l'ONUDC, les retards légaux du Mali en matière de corruption ont pu être identifiés et vont pouvoir être comblés plus efficacement et rapidement pour le bénéfice de tous. Cet atelier a pu être réalisé grâce à l'appui financier de la Norvège.