96 activities implemented, 2615 beneficiaries reached 

About Niger

Population (2017): 21,477,348

Population growth (annual %): 3.8

GDP (2017): 8,119,710,130

GDP growth (annual %): 4.9

Life expectancy at birth: 60

Fertility rate, total (births per woman): 7.2

(World Bank Data 2017)

Niger and the Sahel Programme

Since its inception, the Sahel Programme and its partners have implemented 114 activities in Niger reaching over 2615 beneficiaries, 11.89% of which were women.

Through its partnership with UNODC's Sahel Programme, Niger has achieved notable results including:

  • In June 2018, Niamey's Joint Airport Interdiction Task Force (JAITF), established as part of the AIRCOP project, was instrumental in the seizure of almost 2,5 tons of cannabis in a suburb of Niamey, Niger constituting, to date, the largest single AIRCOP seizure since the beginning of the project in 2010. The seizure followed intelligence received by the Office Central de Répression du Trafic International de Stupéfiants (OCTRIS - in English: Central Office for the Fight Against International Drug Trafficking), that led to the identification of multiple potential hiding spots in Niamey, as well as the arrest of 4 potential traffickers in Niamey's International Airport by the JAITF. Information revealed by those apprehended allowed UNODC-trained JAITF agents to target, identify, and track traffickers responsible for a very large shipment of cannabis sent via Morocco. This surveillance enabled the JAITF agents to locate their hiding grounds and hand over the investigation to the OCTRIS, the JAITF's parent organization. The 2 month-long investigation revealed that almost 2,5 tons of cannabis were hidden in the apartment identified by the JAITF (reaching an overall street value of 3 billion of CFA francs (EUR 4.750.000). Read More
  • In July 2017, UNODC appointed and trained 10 United Nations Volunteers (UNVs) in Niger, as part of its US funded support project to the judicial system. From 1 to 12 February, new trials were opened for 81 detainees accused of conspiring with Boko Haram, including two women, and their cases were concluded. In the 60 days following their first training, an initial assessment reported that the 10 UNVs (5 of them women) had already assisted the counter-terrorism Specialized Judicial Unit (in French, "Pôle judiciaire spécialisé") in treating 230 cases. In January 2018, a follow up mission confirmed that the UNVs have provided legal aid to more than 600 detainees in the prisons of Niamey, Kollo and Koutoukalé since the beginning of the programme in July 2017. They brought these cases to the attention of the Specialized Judicial Unit which treated and judged nearly 200 of them between September and January 2018. Since September 2017, 59 persons were released, 18 of which beneficiated from temporary release. Read More

Key activities implemented in Niger through the Sahel Programme include:

  • In the framework of the Sahel Programme, UNODC has been supporting the government of Niger with technical assistance aimed at strengthening the capacities of criminal justice actors concerning the treatment of children within the criminal justice system as offenders or victims. Between 2017 and 2018, UNODC has trained more than 230 Nigerien officials on these issues and, to enhance national training capacities, the Office initiated a series of training-of-trainers with the aim to build a pool of trainers specialized on the criminal justice response in the context of counterterrorism and human trafficking. From 8 to 19 October 2018, a training-of-trainers (ToT) workshop was therefore organized by UNODC in Niamey, in cooperation with the "Ecole Nationale de Formation Judiciaire du Niger" (EFJN), focusing on the treatment of child victims of violence, trafficking and recruitment by violent and extremist groups, and the application of alternatives to prosecution and imprisonment for children in conflict with the law. Read More 

  • UNODC, jointly with the National Agency for Combating Trafficking in Persons and the Smuggling of Migrants (ANLTP / TIM), organized a training workshop for diplomats and consular officials to stress their crucial role in the fight against trafficking in persons and to provide them with operational means and good practices that can help them strengthen their actions in this area. This activity took place in Niamey from 24 th to 26 th of July 2018 and brought together 20 participants, including 1 woman, from Nigerien diplomatic and consular representations abroad located in countries heavily affected by the phenomenon of human trafficking, such as Algeria, Belgium, France, Italy, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco or Saudi Arabia. Read More

  • UNODC organised a training workshop from 26 to 28 March 2018, in Niamey, to support Niger's efforts to detect and prosecute the financing of terrorism. To have a vibrant training with clear and operational objectives, the methodology privileged was a mock trial exercise. By gathering various actors from the criminal justice system, as well as from the Niamey Bar Association, the workshop aimed to create a situation similar to a trial; to allow participants to be able to identify, through debates and discussions, the best practices for the investigation, prosecution and adjudication of terrorism financing cases. It also facilitated the use of legal frameworks relevant to this topic. Read More

  • UNODC Global Firearms Programme launched an awareness raising campaign on 21 February 2018, Headed by the Ministry of Interior and Public Security, and the Governor of the region in the presence of the security and defense forces of Agadez, heads of schools and their students, non-commissioned officers and non-commissioned members, local elected officials and religious leaders, among others. The objective of this campaign was to collect and destroy seized and confiscated arms in Niger. In the framework of this campaign, several weapons were collected: 25 weapons seizures in Abalak, which consequently led to the collection of another 138 weapons, and more than 500 centralized weapons in containers established in the region of Tahoua. In Agadez, 30 weapons were handed over by the population, in front of the Minister of the Interior and Public Security, as a positive response to the message developed during the collection campaign initiated in the region and following the awareness raising missions carried out in the country. Read More