31 activities implemented, 553 beneficiaries reached 

About Mauritania

Population (2017): 4,420,184

Population growth (annual %): 2.7

GDP (2017): 5,024,708,660

GDP growth (annual %): 3.5

Life expectancy at birth: 63

Fertility rate, total (births per woman): 4.7

(World Bank Data 2017)

Mauritania and the Sahel Programme

Since its inception, the Sahel Programme and its partners have implemented 31 activities in Mauritania reaching over 553 beneficiaries, 6.87 of which were women.

Through its partnership with UNODC's Sahel Programme, Mauritania has achieved notable results including: 

  • Following a search of a private residence in Nouakchott in November 2018, Mauritanian police officers of the counternarcotic office seized 100kg of cannabis and 2200 tablets of illicitly trafficked medication (Rivotril). The specialized police unit discovered a secret room with a hidden access point under the kitchen sink, thanks to intelligence analysis resulting in five people being brought to justice. This seizure was a result of a UNODC training workshop on drug identification and detection that took place in September 2018 in Nouakchott. Officers from this specialized unit, as well as officers from forensics, the gendarmerie and the security cooperation platform (Plateforme de Coopération en Matière de Sécurité - PCMS) strengthened their capacities on the identification of precursors, clandestine laboratories and means of dissimulation. They also revised methodology of inspection and search, management of informants and interrogation techniques. Officers of the counternarcotic unit applied knowledge acquired during at least five modules of this workshop to conduct this successful search and drug seizure. Read More

Key activities implemented in Mauritania through the Sahel Programme include:

  • In the context of a partnership with the US State Department's Counter-Terrorism bureau, UNODC has initiated a project aiming to formulate an Action Plan for Mauritania, in order to identify the country's objectives and priorities in the fight against terrorism from a criminal justice standpoint. Thus, UNODC, in close collaboration with the Mauritanian Ministry of Justice and thanks to the financial support of the United States, organized a training workshop in Nouakchott from 8 to 10 May 2018, on how to build and consolidate terrorism-related cases for 20 criminal justice professionals including prosecutors, lawyers and investigative judges. This workshop was followed by a reflection on how to simplify and streamline Mauritanian international cooperation channels. Read More

  • UNODC provided training to 29 national law enforcement and judicial officers on the investigation and prosecution of firearms offences from 7 to 11 November 2016 in Nouakchott, Mauritania. This activity, planned in close collaboration with the Mauritanian Ministry of Interior, trained magistrates, prosecutors, judicial police officers, parliamentarians and representatives of NGOs operating in the region, on efficient investigation and prosecution techniques of firearms-related criminal matters and other related offences. The five-day event strengthened the capacities of participants regarding the identification and classification of arms, measures to prevent trafficking in firearms, crime scene management, investigation techniques and firearms tracing. Read More